How to surprise colleagues and partners with a corporate gift for the new year?


The most pleasant moments in the new year are associated with gifts. We have prepared many budget examples that can be implemented in corporate gifts. Augmented reality will help tell about the history, company values and advantages among competitors.

Where can augmented reality be used?

  • Augmented reality in tipography
  • Augmented reality in social media
  • Augmented reality in outdoor advertising
  • Augmented reality in real estate
  • Augmented reality on souvenir products
  • Augmented reality in tourism
  • Augmented reality on clothing
  • Augmented reality on packaging

Before examples, we want to tell you about nice bonuses:

  1. You can change the augmented reality content as many times as you want and adapt it for holidays and special offers, at the same time you do not need to reprint the package **.
  1. "New Year" promo code - New Year discount of 20% on augmented reality development until 30.11.2022


Augmented reality turns Colgate packaging into a mini product presentation


New Year's greetings on a Coca Cola can


Augmented reality on packaging


Augmented reality with interactivity


Augmented reality on a bottle


Augmented reality for advertising


Augmented reality tells the story of the company


An augmented reality book


Calendar with augmented reality


Augmented reality on T-shirts


Don't be afraid of the price - find out 😉


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